Studies for Future Watercolors

In January 2013, I was watching the film Zero Dark Thirty and became fascinated by aerial photography. I also at the time was researching how to incorporate Google Earth into my work as well. For me, all types of abstractions have their roots in the representational world so after I played around with the Google Earth iPad application, I began to zoom in to the maximum into the places which influenced my life such as my biological parent’s home.

I began to realize that I could use this type of abstraction as a way to represent very deeply personal places that I have visited or sought to know better. I also look for locations which are related to the contemporary art world such as galleries of the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) or political events such as the compound where Osama bin Laden was purportedly killed. For me, incorporating both very personal and very impersonal events is a method for my perception of the geography of the everyday.

These photographs will become the basis for watercolor and oil/acrylic paintings in the future.